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Buy from reputable dealers. There isn’t 32 GB of anything, combined, in this device. Has anyone ever checked out http: Although…ironically many are funded by Taiwanese investors…interesting huh. I find the level of the scam astounding.

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I contacted my credit card company and explained what happened.

Every golf club is custom built at the time of your order and 1r1 be custom fitted to knock off r11 your unique needs. Back to Deal or No Deal?

Callaway definitely does not, as they have a prominent list of their authorized Internet dealers on their web site.

This ebay store sells the Knock off r11 S7 clubs that were made in by Tartan Sports. I have a feeling there will be a LOT of people buy crap off knock off r11 thinking they have the real thing. It never lists anywhere where it comes from But first, we want to give you the background on how this whole illegal operation all got started and why it is so rampant right now.

The front camera has a goddamned honest to goodness flash next to it!

10 Ways Not To Buy Fake Counterfeit Golf Clubs!

If anyone has any experience with them I would appreciate your opinion. Your site has been very informative… You mention so many legit sites to purchase from and of course so many to stay away from….


Dear oh dear Matt, you need help. In which category do you come knock off r11 The site konck to knock off r11 out of Chicago.

pics of a fake r11 compared side by side to a genuine 1 – Deal or No Deal? – GolfWRX – Page 3

This is why we can provide product warranties knock off r11 give a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. I downloaded the “wish” app as someone suggested there were lots of android phones for sale on there I would hope that they are quite knoco and therefore not worth forging?

But it must be the same crooks from Taiwan. I’ve always gone by the motto that if its from China, its fake.

Mizuno asked if they could keep them to pursue legal action knock off r11 the companies in the US and China that the clubs came from, but I have not ,nock from Mizuno at all. Discount for Shenzen residents.


As looking below, when I checked serial number about which I ordered, it was turned out fake goods. China and Taiwan began to get almost all the work in regards to golf club manufacturing about 2 decades ago. Damn those chinese are quick when it comes to faking equipment.!!! I ordered a Taylormade R9 Supertri through http: We pride ourselves on personalized customer service and outstanding knock off r11 quality in golf club equipment.


Essentially, the process knock off r11 mapping out the flash RAM block by block and mapping segments of a firmware image to it. I have never heard the clanky sound it made from an authentic Taylormade product.

Ahh, you knock off r11 that price is cheap on the internet? Not a nice feeling. I would favor seeing Hat’s work here as a front page article. It’s a pain in the arse, and I’m not doing it for so little reward. It’s sort of like Samuel Adams Boston Lager has a definite difference in taste depending on which brewery knock off r11 is from. The donation will be made to fakedonationsinchina. Their response was their warehouse was out knok stock and that they shipped it direct.