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Thanks for the tip about the guy who repairs them! TBEs seem to literally glide like a seal in water. Are the Microsoft people deaf, or they want to play sadistic role here. See more features and specifications on the Trackball Comparison page. Bring back the tbe!!!!!!!!!

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C Beberman Replied on November 25, It drove most of us NUTS!

Trackball Explorer | Device downloads | Microsoft Accessories

Anyone know someone fluent in Japanese? Also note the date of filing and microsofh this to discontinuance of TBE availability. I have rarely used a mouse since.

Logitech makes one that is close. But twisting the ball on Expert Expoorer to simulate the way Slimblade would work seems more cumbersome. I go back and forth.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer – The World’s Most Comfortable Trackball

We want our trackball and I refuse to use anything else from microsoft but a trackball. Just thinking of the possibilities. I wonder what kind of funds it would take to actually get a factory to produce a small run of trackball units?

There are many others microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 me!


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Shame on MS for abandoning what I consider to be their best product ever. Microsoft Trackball Explorer Review.

Here is that link: As a micdosoft and student, I am on the computer at least microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 hours every day if not Most excellent item for CAD work. Email me at TBE at blue collar computers daught com.

Ball in the middle with 4 buttons around it. Startup mode should mean that they actually listen to their customers. Using the first two fingers, instead of the thumb or middle two like most these days, it was ergonomic and accurate.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer 1.0 USB Ps2 Ergonomic Mouse X05-87473

Julianne… that trackball has been around for quite some time. I hope further that it is even better than the TBE.

The MSTE spoiled me for other configurations of trackball mice. All of them are programable, not just the two microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 ones. As everything does, it got old and worn out and finally stopped being as sharp as it used to be. Better yet, they provide a written 60 day warranty on the services.

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Before I had the explorer, I trwckball two Logitech Trackman, although my wife is still using one, but of course, she does not use the computer as much as I do graphics design, microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 retired ….

I would love to believe that Better Buy Central, but if microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 google them the reviews are from Can anyone understand microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 order from there? But no drivers are planned for Vista or Windows 7.

Microsoft has doodoo in their marketing brains for not selling these again. The left mouse button is pretty gummy as well. Sadly, this section is like just peeking out of the front end. I wish I could have a couple of spares to bring to work with me.