I make a note of handing it to people and watching their reaction. The available nVidia GeForce M GS dedicated graphics card is a “must have” option if you want to play current games at higher resolutions on this notebook. When I pushed around the casing, the only places that gave were in the largest areas of the palm rest, and then only a little bit. This computer is in decent overall condition and works well. I do, however, like the wireless switch on the left-hand side of the notebook. The large buttons placed below the touch pad are suitably sized, though they are mushy as with the older Inspiron computers. Bluetooth is offered for the laptop, too.

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PCMark is a synthetic benchmark that tests all areas of system performance. I opted for the 9-cell extended life battery on the notebook. In total, the system carrying weight is 8.

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Nevertheless, the luminosity was not able to convince us so did the perspective stability in which the contrasts below average contributed negatively.

The Dell Vostro produces an ungodly amount of vostro 1500 dell if you run processor or video-card intensive programs. The whir of the hard drive and fans remains whisper-quiet even when the fan is on full blast. It’s obvious that Dell instructed the design squad to make the Vostro line as bland and conservative as possible, to meet the expectations of serious business users.


Dell Vostro Core2Duo T vostro 1500 dell. Is it a highly portable notebook? Although the laptops design is quite pleasing, the design cannot deceive you about the relatively thick case and the quite high weight of 3. The Dell configuration vostro 1500 dell is relatively spartan and pales in comparison to the configuration software costro in systems manufactured by some other companies, particularly Rell.

Upon unpacking the Vostro and first handling it, I was rather impressed by the build.

This area would also be highly sufficient for the alternatively available M Vosro graphics card. Dell homepage Dell notebook section. Skip to main content.

This seems adequate for most purposes, and it is likely that with lower power vosro Word processing on low screen brightness with vostro 1500 dell wireless, for example would yield above four hours, a reasonable amount of time for a desktop replacement machine. However, Dell has had a chance to implement improvements in terms of the locking mechanism of the laptop. Both keyboard and touchpad are alright and suit intensive office use as well vostro 1500 dell the average person.

Dell Vostro 1500

Unfortunately, the side effect of this build quality is the heaviness and size. Before Notebookcheck was founded, I worked as a developer of bookkeeping software. Stand up for your right to repair! The fan remained whisper quiet yet kept heat under control. No Hard Drive No Vostro 1500 dell.

Dell Vostro T specifications

This laptop was tested to boot to bios and is in working order. Its good build quality vostro 1500 dell good configuration options allow it to be an excellent and versatile machine for many different applications. Skip to main content.


Hard vostro 1500 dell caddy included ta Headphone, Microphone, Card Reader: How can I connect my dell vostro to my TV? The light leaks are relatively minor on this computer and are only noticeable on a completely black screen, and then only on the top and bottom. Laptop may have minor scratches and scuffs from normal use.

HD Tune is a basic hard drive benchmark that tests the transfer rate and access speed 11500 the hard drive. We could also get a similar result in the horror shooter F. With this, the provided overall view was not that great but at least we spared ourselves the reflections. The keys have a vostro 1500 dell short but sufficient vostro 1500 dell with a noticeable pressure point.

The design of this system is rather spartan, but also very professional with the solid black styling.